Scamming is a fraudulent and deceptive act to deceive the public and extract useful valuable information which can be misused for many purposes. How do you know that someone is trying to scam you? There are many indicators that can tell you that someone is trying to deceive you. For example, if a company or individual contacts you which you have never heard about. Or someone assuring you that they are highly authorized people and asking for your personal data such as pin numbers, home address or work address. Scam emails can be easily detected because most of the time they are badly written and contains grammar and spelling mistakes. These emails also contain viruses and the links which are attached in the email are not secured and your server keeps on warning you not to open these emails because these might harm secured data on your computer. Another very traditional scamming technique is winning lottery emails/messages/phone calls in which you are told that you have won a grand prize and you are asked to provide your personal information. You should do something to prevent get scammed.


6 Things To Do:-

There are a number of things you should do if you get scammed. These are as follows;

Stop The Interaction

The first thing you should do is stop your interaction with that scammer because he/she might affect you more if you keep interacting with them. Next, the best thing is to block them which might block their further access to your data. This will also demotivate them and they will realize that they are caught.


Report The Scammer

The next thing to do is to report these scammers to the local police. This is the last thing people do when they are scammed. The reason behind this is that they are afraid of contacting the legal authorities and telling them what had happened to them. These authorities should be contacted immediately especially in cases when your money is stolen or very personal and secured data has been stolen and is at great risk.


Contact Your Bank

You should contact your bank if your money has been stolen or your very important information related to money and bank has been used by the scammer. This will help in immediate stop in account functioning. Not only this, but it will also create future alerts if any other suspicious activities are carried on in the account. Another safety precaution to prevent get scammed can also be taken by totally seizing the account and creating a new one under the authorities’ approval and surveillance.


Contact The Relevant Government Authorities

Other than the police reporting to the relevant federal agencies is also important in severe cases. These authorities will help by acting on our behalf and will follow the patterns to catch the scammer and then will take strict actions against the scammer according to the level and severity of the scam.


Get Credit Bureau Involved

In some cases, if the scam is related to acquiring credit in your name by the scammers, then the credit bureaus should be informed immediately about the scam that has happened to you so that they can place the fraud alerts and reject any suspicious credit requests.


Become Vigilant

Last but not least you should become vigilant and watch out for the future scams you might fall prey to.


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